jueves, 2 de octubre de 2008


Jean Piaget described adaptation as assimilation of something followed by accommodation. Nonetheless as humans we’ve developed an unusual ability to interpret this information of reality through our intrinsic perceptions. For example a person who suffers bulimia may perceive food as something harmful for his organism or an alcoholic may believe that alcohol actually helps him get through the day. Seeing our environment as a non changing entity will diminish our capacity to adapt to its variations which we are responsible for. Of course there is nothing we can do if we do not modify the way we encounter this issue. If we don’t assimilate that our activities are causing this untenable growing.

What do we visualize when we hear of environmentalists? A bunch of romantics and vegeterians saving what is already lost? A group of people against economic growth and production? Nicholas Stern former economist of the World Bank stated that the depredation of environment ecosystems will provoke a reduction between 5 and 20% of GDP annually. On the contrary, the cost of reducing greenhouse gases emissions and using resources wisely will represent 1% of World GDP. Protecting the environment nowadays can be viable and profitable. It’s is our perception that seems biased and puerile.

A man was admitted in a mental hospital because, in his insanity, he believed to be a corn grain. Psychiatrists treated him and after some time the delirious conviction was cured. The patient was discharged from the hospital. On his way home, he bumped into a hen and immediately ran back to the hospital. When he explained what had happened to him the doctors explained him he was cured and there was no reason for him to believe he was a corn grain. I know, the man replied, but if the hen doesn’t now that?

So how do we change people’s perception in order to make an improvement in the World we are destroying by our wrong using of resources? No easy answer for that. Because the facts are conclusive and irrefutable, nevertheless we have proven facts are not going to change perception. What we can do is work to solve the problem itself, be part of the solution. Your inputs will not make a difference? They will make a difference in you. And if they do, we both can say this hypothesis is false. 31.03.07

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